Seminar Series

Learn more about our year-long seminar series that highlights timely topics in behavioral health.

2019 Seminar Series- 12 p.m. - 1 p.m., Location varies by event

January 8th, 2019: Suicide Prevention Among Veterans: Andrew Bismark PhD., from the Veterans Administration of San Diego Healthcare System, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, room 102, executive classroom.

February 5th, 2019: Integrated Primary Care in Rural, Underserved Communities: Jeffrey Ring PhD., Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, room 127.  

March 12th, 2019: Working with the Homeless Community: Nicole Anderson, LCSW, Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, room 102. 

April 2nd, 2019: Voices from the Field: Husani Whitlock, MA, PPS (School Counseling Alumni); Deanna Jimenez, MA, LMFT (MFT Alumni); Megan Partch, PhD Candidate (CMHC Alumni); Katherine Goehring, DNP, PMHNP (Psych NP Alumni), Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, Reading Room. 

man in front of a large classroom speaking Immigration Expert, Tom Wong, PhD., presented on DACA, Dreamers and the implications for providers to a packed crowd, in October, 2018.