Opioid Workforce Expansion Program

The purpose of the OWEP grant is to enhance community-based experiential training for students preparing to become peer support specialists and other types of behavioral health-related paraprofessionals with a focus on Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and other Substance Use Disorders (SUD) prevention, treatment and recovery services. Students participating in this track of Project TeamUP work to contribute to the expansion and improvement of direct access to quality treatment while also working to foster an integrated and/or interprofessional approach to address OUD and other SUD treatment, emphasizing the role of the family and lived experience of the consumer through academic, community and non-traditional community organization partnerships.

We are currently in the process of preparing to accept applications for the OWEP track of Project TeamUP with an anticipated launch in mid-September. If you are interested in applying for an OWEP-track stipend, please continue to check back as the semester progresses!