HRSA Project TeamUP Stipend Recipient Spotlight: Sergio Felipe Hernandez

HRSA Project TeamUP Stipend Recipient Spotlight: Sergio Felipe Hernandez

Hello, my name is Sergio Felipe. I am pursuing my Master’s in the Marital and Family Therapy program at USD. I am preparing to graduate in May 2020! 

During this year of the program, I was placed at UCSD Family Medicine as my practicum site. I’ve had the opportunity to learn in a hands-on environment and participate in a collaborative and supportive environment that truly cares for the whole well-being of their patients. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside physicians and nurses as they care for the physical health of patients, while I get to focus on their behavioral and emotional well-being. Seeing how an integrated care site can serve populations both physically and mentally has been an incredible experience that has motivated me to learn more about integrated care. 

As a student in the MFT program, I have received wonderful support from fellow students, faculty and staff. As a bilingual student, I’ve been supported to exercise my bilingual skills and have received opportunities to provide care in Spanish. USD has helped me connect with faculty and other bilingual providers in the community who have guided me in how to best care for Spanish-speaking populations, and utilize my bilingual skills within the field. They always encourage bilingual students to speak up for what they need, and are attentive to our needs. I am very appreciative that the faculty here truly have their students’ best interests at heart. 

As a recipient of the HRSA grant, I’ve received professional development opportunities, and attended seminar series that have given me a new appreciation of how broad Marital & Family Therapy can be. It has also helped ease a financial burden so I can focus on my professional development, classes, and practicum experience. Following graduation, I am hopeful that I will continue working in an integrated care setting. I am interested in working in medical family therapy, with bilingual populations, and potentially in the prison-system. I am also considering continuing my education and pursuing a PhD. I am looking forward to whatever opportunities present themselves to me here in San Diego, or how I can be of service to my hometown of Imperial Valley following my completion of the program. 

My advice to prospective students is to actively engage in your education, be curious, and say yes to opportunities that come your way. That being said, grant yourself compassion and take care of yourself! 

begin quoteReceiving the HRSA grant has allowed me to fully dedicate my time and effort to my practicum site. It has given me freedom from needing a job outside of my practicum.
USD student Sergio Felipe Hernandez

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