Our Top 9 Sustainable Companies in San Diego

Our Top 9 Sustainable Companies in San Diego

By Deep Rooted Designs |

Today’s blog is all about sustainable San Diego movers and shakers that we’re loving lately. Now, we know what you’re wondering. What the heck does a landscape design firm have to do with local environmentally conscious business? The answer is — a lot! We believe in the sustainability movement, and we love to use eco-friendly practices to create environmentally responsible outdoor living spaces in San Diego. Because we’re passionate about the environment, we thought we’d showcase some other local businesses that put the environment first.



True Food Kitchen is a restaurant that has locations all over the country – and two in San Diego! True Food Kitchen takes healthy choices to a whole new level. Not only are their dishes sustainably made, but they offer a menu designed specifically to adhere to the anti-inflammatory diet, which has any number of health benefits. Based on simple changes in eating habits, you can help manage chronic illnesses while warding off other medical issues. They offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and they pride themselves on their ability to cater to anyone’s dietary preferences. They have an open kitchen and their own herb garden outside, so there are no secrets when it comes to how your food is prepared. Experience a flavor filled dish that also makes you feel good.


Image Courtesy of True Food Kitchen



Bottles and Wood is a local company that sells upcycled serveware. They source all of their materials locally, usually from hotels and restaurants that would otherwise discard these items. This way, they not only keep landfills from growing larger, they can create truly unique pieces. They focus on handcrafted items and create jobs for local craftworkers in an effort to take sustainability one step further. They offer a range of products with a focus on tableware.


Image Courtesy of Bottles and Wood



Located in good old North Park, Simply Local is a merchant marketplace that features over 50 locally owned businesses. Supporting local businesses is a way to keep costs and environmental impact at a minimum.   By shopping here, San Diego residents can cut down the environmentally harmful practices involved in long distance shopping. Most of the products are made right here in San Diego, so shopping at Simply Local will reduce the effects of air and traffic pollution. They offer a ton of different products, including postcards, clothing, handmade jewelry, and even vegan food and tea. By encouraging residents to shop locally, Simply Local allows for an opportunity to create new jobs where none existed before.


Image Courtesy of Simply Local



Matuse is a San Diego based company that sells wetsuits made from something called Geoprene. Geoprene is a limestone-rubber material that replaces traditional wetsuit material that soaks up water and weighs you down. It’s water impermeable, so it won’t absorb water like a sponge would. Matuse aims to maintain both cultural and environmental awareness, and their suits are designed to be lighter and warmer. Matuse is all about sustainability, awarding them prime placement on our favorites list!


Image Courtesy of Unsplash


  1. SUJA

Suja sells organic, cold-pressed juice with an emphasis on conscious nutrition. They use a system called High Pressure Processing to extend the shelf life of their juices and other beverages, which contributes to the sustainability of their products. They offer Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project verified juices, probiotics, kombuchas, and more. Suja believes that what you put in your body can affect how you feel.


Image Courtesy of Suja



Seabreeze Organic Farm, based here in San Diego, is a Community Supported Agriculture model farm. Community Supported Agriculture typically means a system in which a farm operation is supported by shareholders within the community who share both the benefits and risks of food production. They sell flowers, fruits, vegetables, chicken eggs, and herbs. You can pick up directly from the farm, or they can deliver directly to you! They offer a variety of shipping schedules, and they ship straight to your home or office. When you receive your package, your food will have been picked no more than one or two days prior. Their focus on eco-friendly business allows them to provide a safe haven for farm animals as well as guarantee fresh, healthy produce.


Image Courtesy of Unsplash



Ecobaby Organics sells 100% organic materials, so you can count on guaranteed pure, high quality items. They sell furnishings for your new baby, and what better time to consider the impact on an environment than when you’re creating an environment for your baby? Ecobaby Organics also sells a variety of non-baby related items for your general home decorating needs. Their products are tested annually at an independent lab outside of the company, so they can ensure there are no toluene, phenols, or formaldehydes anywhere in their materials.


Image Courtesy of Unsplash



Pure Cleaning Agency is a local San Diego residential cleaning company. With a focus on environmentally friendly non-toxic products, you can rest assured that the cleaning your kitchen is getting isn’t actually poisoning you. They offer housekeeping services that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs as well as those of the environment. Their cleaners go through extensive background and reference checks, and they offer tailored to-do lists because customizing the work to fit your needs is important. They work in apartments and home alike, offering services such as moving in or out cleaning, general housekeeping, deep cleaning, tenant vacancy cleaning, and carpet cleaning. If you’re looking for some eco-friendly suggestions on using things like vinegar and salt to clean your home, check out their website for more info.


Image Courtesy of Unsplash



Earthwell Refill is a company that specializes in eliminating disposable containers. They sell refill products – just bring your mason jar, plastic bottle, yogurt carton, anything that is clean and dry is acceptable. You can purchase all-natural items like shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, lotion, shower gel, deodorant, and household cleaners. Just bring in a clean, dry container, and shop away! Items are sold by weight, so you can get exactly how much you need and stop wasting products and disposable containers.


Image Courtesy of SD Voyager


As you can see, San Diego is taking great strides as a community to continue to implement and extend environmentally conscious, eco-friendly practices and establishments. With every new landscape design, we keep our passion for the environment top of mind. We believe that being sustainable and eco-friendly doesn’t need to be complicated. If we make small strides each day, together we can make a huge difference!

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