Energy is a primary focus of the University of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan. The consumption of electricity and natural gas comprises 55% of USD’s 2010 carbon footprint. As the largest source of emissions, it is a primary target for reductions moving forward. Through a systematic approach to generate savings through efficiency and increased reliance on renewable energy, USD will be able to lower emissions and reduce costs moving forward. Increased visibility through measurement will lead to an understanding of where and when energy is used to most effectively target reduction and optimization efforts. 

fuel cell ~33% of USD's electricity is generated from a fuel cell that is located in the West Parking area. Learn more about how it works from this video.
copley library lights and statue Electrical use has decreased 17% since January '18 in Copley Library and the Legal Research Center due to lighting retrofits.
Electric Cart USD has reduced natural gas consumption by ~26% since 2010.