Associated Students Sustainability Grant

AS Grant Description and Purpose:

Each semester, USD’s Associated Students offers $20,000 in grants to all undergraduate students to fund research projects. The purpose of this grant is to provide students with the opportunity to bring their sustainable projects and initiatives to life! The A.S. Grant Selection Board reviews each grant application and determines what impresses and what concerns them about each project. The board identifies the project’s ability to advance knowledge in the area of study, feasibility, and alignment with the University’s mission and the Changemaker initiative.

Please see the document below for a full list of all requirements students must meet when writing and submitting their grant application. 

AS Sustainability Grant Application Information

Fall 2018 Deadline: TBD 


Please utilize these links to guide you on the process of writing your grants. 

AS Sustainability Grant Application

AS Sustainability Grant Bylaws  

AS Sustainability Grant Application Sample


For any questions, please contact Alícia Kelley, Associated Students Sustainability Chair, at