Tuition Remission

Please note that registration for Summer Sessions 2021 will be done by email. Tuition Remission students can send an email to beginning no earlier than 6 am PST on the first day of class. Emails sent prior to the first day of class will not be accepted. Please reach out to the professor before the first day of class to be kept in the loop of any course materials that will be sent prior to the first day of class and let them know you are a tuition remissions student who cannot register until the first day of class. 

Important Registration Guidelines during Summer and Intersession

  • Summer and/or Intersession Tuition remission (TR) is only offered on a space-available basis, therefore, all students MUST wait to register until the first day of class  by emailing beginning no earlier than 6 am PST on the first day of class. Emails sent prior to the first day of class will not be accepted. 

  • Exceptions: TR Students are permitted to register beginning the first day of online registration if they fall into one of the following two categories:

    • Students enrolling for classes abroad

    • Petitioned Graduating Students (Undergraduate & Graduate) 

Any TR students who do not fall into these two categories will be dropped from their class and notified by email.

  •  Students must follow the maximum number of units allotted as follows:

    • Maximum of 4 units in a 3-week session.

    • Maximum of 7 units in a 6-week session.  

    • Maximum of 13 units overall during the combined summer sessions. 

If more units are necessary students may request an Appeal for Overload form. Obtain approval signatures from the following in the order they appear:

 1. Academic Advisor

 2. Academic Dean

 3. Summer and Intersession Office

NOTE: Employees using the TR benefit are limited to a total of 18 units per academic year, including Fall, Spring, Intersession and Summer.  This unit limit does not apply to spouses or dependent children.

Please note that the tuition remission benefit is for tuition only. Application fees, student body fees, parking fees, late fees and any other fees assessed to all students are the responsibility of the employee, spouse, registered domestic partner, dependent child, or dependent child of a registered domestic partner.

For more information please view the Tuition Remission Guide or visit the Human Resources website for eligibility requirements.