Commencement Policies for August Graduates

August graduates wishing to participate in the May 2020 ceremonies must have registered and paid for all their remaining units in the One Stop Student Center by May 1, 2020, and take all their remaining courses in USD’s Summer Sessions.

Upon proof of payment of all outstanding debt and registration, the One Stop Student Center will issue a Graduation Clearance form to be taken to the Registrar or Graduate Records Office.

All potential summer graduates must agree to complete all degree requirements for which they have pre-registered in USD’s Summer Sessions. Withdrawing from summer course(s) after having participated in the graduation ceremony will result in being charged a forfeit fee equal to 100% of the tuition charges for the enrolled summer course(s). There are no exceptions to these policies.

Undergraduate Students

Summer courses taken through USD’s own program in Guadalajara meet the requirement for courses taken at USD. August graduates who wish to take courses elsewhere (after procuring the appropriate waivers) may do so, but they may not participate in the May ceremony. Unavailability of a needed course in USD’s Summer Sessions will not be grounds for an exception to the policy on Commencement participation. Seniors graduating in August may not take an independent study course during the Summer Sessions. Exceptions to this policy may be approved by the student’s dean when there are extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Graduate Students

Commencement participation and program listing at the annual May ceremony is limited to graduates who have met the graduation petition deadline and completed all work for their degree prior to Commencement, with the following exception:

  • Graduate students scheduled to receive their degree in August who have 9 units or fewer of remaining work may participate if their work falls in the category of: coursework, practicum, fieldwork, student teaching or internship. Petitions for August 2020 graduate students were due on Friday, December 20, 2019.  
  • August graduates whose remaining program requirements include any of the following will not be allowed to participate in the preceding May Commencement: foreign language or comprehensive exam, final project or integration paper, master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.