Course Enrollment Options


  • To audit a course, register according to the usual procedures and pay tuition equal to $160 per unit.
  • Changing the registration status of your course from “for credit” to “audit,” or vice-versa, must be done in accordance with the deadlines listed in the Important Dates.
  • Those who audit courses are not eligible for financial aid.
  • Auditing a laboratory course is not permitted.

Independent Studies and Internships

  • Contact your department chair during the fall semester to find a faculty member to supervise your study.
  • Complete the Independent Study/Internship Form and obtain the required signatures.
  • Register on or before the first day of Intersession by submitting your Independent Study/Internship Form, Add/Drop Form, and payment for tuition and fees to the One Stop Student Center.

Maximum Units

  • You may register for a maximum of four (4) units during Intersession (you may register for one [1] unit more than the number of weeks of the class).
  • These maxima apply to any combination of courses taken concurrently at USD and another institution.
  • In rare circumstances a student may apply to take more units by submitting an Appeal for Overload Form with all the required signitures.


  • Undergraduate students may register on a pass/fail basis according to the conditions set out in the USD Undergraduate Course Catalog,
  • Major courses (and major prerequisites) may not be taken pass/fail.
  • Core curriculum courses may not be taken pass/fail when taken to fulfill a requirement.
  • Pass requires a grade of C- or better.
  • Graduate students may not register on a pass/fail basis, except in courses offered explicitly as a pass/fail course.
  • All students wishing to exercise the pass/fail option must have prior authorization from their advisor.
  • Changing the status of your registration from “grade” to “pass/fail,” or vice-versa, must be done in accordance with the deadlines listed in the Important Dates.
  • No more than two courses per calendar year may be taken pass/fail.