Course Descriptions


CHEM 102 Science of Food and Cooking (3)

Debbie Finocchio

CRN 102 Limit 16
3-week Pre Session (6/3 – 6/21)
8:30 a.m – 12:30 p.m.
SCST-130 and SCST-349A

This course is designed for the non-science major with a focus on food, cooking and baking while introducing foundational concepts in chemistry and biochemistry. Using a variety of approaches including hands-on activities, students will learn the chemical and biochemical principles of food and cooking. Students will investigate the molecular structure and changes that take place in food and drink while cooking and baking. Topics may include: making cheese and ice cream, spices and hot sauces, caramelization and food browning reactions, molecular gastronomy, taste and smell, cakes and cookies and chocolate. Students will participate in inquiry-based laboratories integrated throughout the semester while designing and performing scientific experiments to investigate the nature of food and cooking. Note: Course will be canceled if there are fewer than six (6) paid students enrolled as of Monday, May 13.