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Visa regulations vary from country to country. Visa requirements are based on each country's specific regulations and will vary depending on your citizenship. Your study abroad advisor will share visa information with you after you have been officially accepted to a program.

When applying for a student visa, materials must be presented to the consulate with jurisdiction over your PERMANENT ADDRESS. In most cases, this needs to be done in person.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have the most recent information regarding student visa requirements for the consulate under whose jurisdiction you reside. Visa requirements are subject to change and may differ from consulate to consulate.

VISAS FOR SEMESTER PROGRAMS: Students studying abroad for a semester or longer are required to obtain a student visa. NOTE: U.S. citizens going to Ireland do not need student visas.

VISAS FOR SHORT-TERM (INTERSESSION/SUMMER) PROGRAMS: If you are not a U.S. citizen you MAY be required to obtain a visa to participate in a short-term program. For NON-U.S. CITIZENS: Please refer to the consulate web site for the country where you will be studying to determine if you will need a student or tourist visa.

NOTE: If you appear at a consulate without all materials in order, you may be turned away. Remember, there is no legal right to a visa.


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