Academic Advising

SSS Retention Specialists meet individually with students to assist them with course selection and registration. Help with career decision-making can be provided individually by the SSS Retention Specialist and/or by referral to the Counseling Center or Career Services. Individual study skills instruction can be provided by the Retention Specialist, by attending SSS study skills seminars that are scheduled each semester, as well as through Specialists' referrals to appropriate services. When tutoring in a specific subject is needed, a Retention Specialist can refer a student to an SSS peer tutor or recommend the student attend scheduled SSS tutoring sessions, as well as drop-in tutoring through the University.

One-on-One Tutoring

During the fall, summer, and spring semesters, tutors are available to work with students by appointment or on a walk in basis, granted they aren't working with another student at that time. Students will also receive individualized and group tutoring. Check out our Meet Our Tutors page for more information about the individual tutors!

FAFSA/Financial Aid Assistance

SSS Retention Specialists assist participants in securing the most appropriate financial resources through individual counseling, program resources, referral, and liaison with the University’s Student Financial Aid Office and community financial support agencies.

Grant Aid

Students who are receiving a Pell Grant, have unmet financial need and have clearly made an effort to comply with the SSS Student Commitment form, which they signed with the SSS program, may receive Supplemental Grant Aid through Student Support Services. This aid is awarded on a semester-by-semester basis at the discretion of the program staff using preset criteria.

Computer Lab

The SSS office houses its own computer lab featuring 5 Macs, each capable of running Windows XP.  The computer lab also features a printer.

Personal Assistance

SSS Retention Specialists provide motivation and personal support to program participants through individual and group counseling, as well as referral to the Counseling Center and appropriate University and community agencies.

Cultural and Social Activities

SSS provides a variety of cultural and social awareness activities by working directly with other cultural programs and special interest groups from the campus and local community.