Student Org Conference

Welcome to the Virtual Student Org Conference!

This conference is intended to provide tools and resources for running your student organization in the upcoming year. 

Conference Requirements

  • Student organizations are required to attend the Virtual Student Org Conference in order to register their organizations for the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • The expedited club registration deadline is September 18th, please attend the conference and complete your club's registration by that deadline.
  • The conference is composed of 8 sessions. 
    • Your organization must complete all 7 core sessions.
    • Your organization will need to complete one of the leadership development sessions. 
  • Each session includes a quiz or reflection.
    • Your organization must pass each quiz with an 80% to receive credit for the session.
    • Our office will be reading the reflections to assign credit for the session. 

Conference Tips

  • You can represent up to two student organizations when attending the conference. Please indicate the clubs you would like to register at the beginning of each module.
  • Each organization needs to complete 8 modules to receive credit for attending the conference, however, the same person doesn't need to complete each module. You can split the training among your team. 
  • Once you've completed the conference, you may need to wait up to 24 business hours for your organization to show up on Torero Orgs for re-registration.
  • If you require any accommodations to complete the conference or if you have difficulty accessing conference materials due to locality, please contact

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Virtual Student Org Conference

Please follow the links below to view the materials for each of the Virtual Student Org Conference sessions.

Student Org Conference Welcome

Welcome Video

Core Sessions (Complete all sessions)

Effective Club Management

Running Meetings Remotely

Creating Community in a Virtual Environment

Wellness and Community Care

Event Planning 

Student Org Funding: Associated Student Government Budget Committee (ASGBC)

Club Registration

Leadership Development Sessions (Select one session to complete)

Navigating Conflict and Crucial Conversations

Student Leader Values


Next Steps

Once you've completed the Virtual Student Org Conference, you'll need to complete a few additional steps to register your organization. The next steps are listed below.

  • Register your club on Torero Orgs
  • Present your club to the ASG Student Org Committee (new orgs and clubs re-registering after September 18th)
  • Meet with a member of the Student Activities and Involvement staff during the semester your register. Email to schedule a time to meet.