Starting a New Student Organization

Please follow the steps below to start a new student organization.

New orgs are required to have at least 10 undergraduate members, a Faculty/Staff/Administrator Advisor, and a Constitution

Meet with an involvement consultant, attend a club registration meeting, or attend the semesterly student org conference.

*Those who choose to meet individually or attend the group meeting must pass a quiz with at least an 80%.

Once you're received an email letting you know your org has been unlocked, go to Torero Orgs and complete a registration form.
The A.S. Activities and Budget Coordinator reviews the club registration form for completion and consistency with USD's mission statement.
The A.S. Activities and Budget Coordinator contacts the advisor to confirm they agree to advise the club and to inform them of upcoming advisor trainings and resources.
The individual who submitted the registration form on ToreroOrgs will be emailed once the registration form has been reviewed and is complete.
The A.S. Activities and Budget Coordinator will email the date, time, and location of the next Student Organization Committee Meeting. The students will present a 2-minute summary of the club's mission and goals.
The Student Organization Committee will review all of the proposed student organizations and if approved they will be presented to Senate the following week.


Once approved by Senate the President, Treasurer, and Advisor will receive an email from the Student Organization's Committee Chair informing them that their organization is officially approved for the academic year.


The A.S. Activities and Budget Coordinator will then add the President and Treasurer to the ICC Listerserv and Club Advisor to the ICC Advisor Listserv.
Reminder: All clubs and organizations must re-register every year!