Advisor Goals

Advisors facilitate active and collaborative relationships that empower students to realize their potential as ethical leaders.

  • Teaching and Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Counseling
  • Improving Group Effectiveness
  • Encouraging Intellectual & Social Development
  • Connecting Students to the Mission of the University

Advisors facilitate active and collaborative relationships by partnering with students in their educational experience

  • Providing Continuity
  • Goal Setting
  • Supervising Programs & Finances
  • Attending Meetings

Students will be prepared to engage in independent thoughtdiverse experience and dynamic leadership development training.

  • Interpretation of University Policies
  • Connecting Students to the Mission of the University

Advisor Resources

Student Organization Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Review 

In Fall 2016, a student organization advisor survey was distributed and requested feedback on the overall experience of USD Advisors and yielded 44 responses. The advisor responses were reviewed by the Diversity and Social Justice (DISJ) Student Org Committee which was compromised of members of the Associated Students Student Organization Committee, USD Faculty, and administrators from the SLIC Staff. 

Themes and recommendations were identified by the committee and were forwarded to USD's Student Affairs Administration for review. Funding policy recommendations were mirrored by the USD Student Leader experience and have been shared with Associated Students Finance Committee. 

Any questions regarding the status of the recommendations may be sent to