Marketing Your Event

University Posting Protocol- page 22, updated Jan 2015

Getting the word out on your event is crucial. In doing so, one must adhere to the following campus posting protocols:

  • Adhering anything to walls, doors and/or floors in any way is strictly prohibited.
  • Blue tape must be used to hang posters & banners.
  • No flyers are to be posted on the ground.
  • Banners may be hung by Missions Crossroads, Parking Structure, SLP Courtyard, and Maher Hall. Blue tape must be used to hang the banner. Take down your banner immediately following the event.
  • Read below regarding the number of posters and locations for UC/SLP and Residence Halls (160).
  • You must supply your own blue tape. You can purchase it at the Torero Bookstore.
  • To post on the Kiosks or bulletin boards, your flyers must be approved by the UC Operations.

The following options should be considered for marketing your event:

Posters (Residence Halls and UC/SLP)

You can post up to five (5) posters in the UC and three (3) flyers on Kiosks. Flyers around campus are subject to each building’s policy. Post only where other posters are.

Marketing Supplies

Marketing supplies are available in the Creative Zone (SLP-302).

  • Free Graphic Design Services: Request graphic design services here.
  • Banner Making Supplies (Paper and Markers). You will need to have your Campus ID available to use the supplies.
  • Other services include: die cuts, self service computer, copier services, balloons & helium, laminator, poster plotter, glue, exacto knives, paper, and sandwich boards.

On Campus Marketing Media

  • Market your event on the Blue Buzz/ToreroLife:
  • Add your event to the electronic signage in the SLP by emailing
  • Get an article in The Vista student newspaper by calling x4714 or emailing Vista Publications at
  • Send a flyer of your organization's event with a description of the details of the event to An involvement consultant will be sure to add it to the Student Orgs Newsletter which is sent to all undergraduate students here at USD.
  • Add your event to the Entrance Marquees by submitting the Marquee Request Form. A request to post information on a marquee must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. The request must include the name of the event, the date(s) of the event, the start time of the event, the name of the sponsoring department or organization, location, and contact information (name, title, e-mail or website address and phone number) for the USD Department or student organization who is affiliated with the sponsoring department or organization.
  • Table Stand and Coffee Sleeves in dining areas.
  • Social Media: Use Facebook and Twitter. The following organizations have accounts: ASG, Torero Program Board, Panhellenic, IFC, and the Creative Zone. Ask to post your event on their page.

Off Campus Publicity

  • Call Public Relations at x4681 to notify them of the event and discuss the best method for publicizing
  • Issue a press release, contact Public Relations at x4681 (public events only)
  • Advertise in the Alcala View or in USD Magazine, call Publications at x4684
  • Use Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Use San Diego Reader free online postings

Vendor Information Tables

Refrain from hosting vendor/information tables on campus except in front of the UC/SLP and the KIPJ. Any fundraiser that involves an off-campus business or organization must be approved through Student Life Facilities (UC 210). Fees may apply.

Additional Marketing Ideas

  • Blue Buzz/Torero Life posting
  • Consider marketing on Aromas Coffee Cups
  • Use give-a-ways like candy, pens, toys with your event information
  • Create a foam board
  • Flyers, posters, 1/4 sheets
  • Electronic Signage in the UC/SLP, School of Business, SOLES
  • Contacting Professors or classes if the event relates
  • Die Cuts
  • Dining Services Table Stands
  • Student Orgs Newsletter