Food and Beverage Services

All events with food that exceed $500 must use USD Banquets and Catering. You CANNOT bring in outside vendors or food to the University Center without prior permission from Charles Ramos,

Getting Your Event Catered

Once you have reserved a space to house your event, place your order through Catering and Banquet Services at x4560 (10 working days in advance of the event).

Using An Outside Vendor

The licensed food vendor order must be under $500 in total. To use an outside vendor other than Catering and Banquet Services, please contact Charles Ramos, You must seek approval for an outside vendor well in advance of your event.

Before Calling University Catering

The following is a list of things to consider before calling University Catering:

  • Who will be your contact person for the event?
  • Number of people you are serving
  • Type of food you are interested in serving
  • Who is paying for the event/ do you have a POETS Code/CLUB Account?
  • Will you need linens, flowers, or other decorations?
  • Will alcohol be served? If so, please review the University Alcohol Policy

Torero Tu Go (Food Truck)

Request the Torero Tu Go (Food Truck) for your event by e-mailing Carol Norman, Learn more about the Food Truck- Torero Tu Go.