How do I find information about a person on campus?

Find People

This search engine allows you to search faculty/staff and students by name, email, extension or department. It will give you the person’s full name, email address, extension, location of office and position.

What are the hours of operation?

Offices are generally open 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of holiday breaks. Each department, store, dining area, and athletic facility has its own specific hours of operation; call Information for details at (619) 260-8888.

How do I schedule a room?

All student organizations must complete the EVR process.

How far in advance can I book a room?

After completing the EVR process, you will receive a message that your request has been forwarded to Campus Scheduling. Campus Scheduling never books more than a year in advance and does not keep a waiting list.

How do I find out information about an event?

University of San Diego's Master Calendar has information for all scheduled campus events regarding time, location, event name and sponsoring department. You may also find agenda, event detail, ticket information on this site. For any questions or comments, contact the sponsoring department directly.

What tickets does the University Center ticket office sell?

The Hahn University Center Ticket Office sells discount tickets to a variety of San Diego attractions including: Legoland, SeaWorld, The San Diego Zoo and The San Diego Wild Animal Park. You can also purchase discount Magic Mountain tickets, a variety of movie theatre tickets as well as public transit passes. In addition, tickets to some on-campus events are sold through the ticket office with the exception of events in the Jenny Craig Pavilion; the Pavilion houses its own ticket office which can be reached at (619) 260-7550.

How do I hang a sign in the Hahn University Center/SLP?

All signs must be approved in the Studen Life Facilities Office located behind the Information Desk in UC-205. You are allowed 5 stamped and approved signs. Restrictions apply; call (619) 260-8888 for details.

How do I arrange catering for my event?

First, you must reserve space for your event. The University's Award Winning Catering department, as well as Dining Services, are the exclusive caterers of the University. If you are an on-campus group or your event is being sponsored by an on-campus group, complete a request form or have your liaison complete a request form well ahead of time by visiting USD Catering. If you are an off-campus group, contact your event coordinator to make arrangements. Completed orders are due no less than 10 working days before your event.

How many posters are needed for the Residence Halls?

You will need 134 posters for the Residence Halls. You can take the posters to Missions Crossroads 206 at least 4 days prior to the day you would like to be posted.