What We Do

Services Provided by SLIC Involvement Consultants

  • General information about USD clubs
  • Assistance with Starting a New Club
  • Information and tutorials regarding Event Registration (EvR) process
  • Knowledge about Associated Students Budget Committee funding requests
  • General knowledge about student organization policies and resources
  • Campus events and Involvement Opportunities
  • Navigating and utilizing Torero Orgs
  • Meeting with organization representatives in order to assist with re-registering clubs.

Upcoming Workshops

Thank you for your interest in the IC Workshops, and keep checking this space for updated information.

Involvement Consultants creating a poster for their workshop.


Involvement Consultants are available to provide workshops for your student organizations and present throughout the academic year regarding the following topics:

  • Marketing Madness
  • Event Registration (EvR)
  • ToreroOrgs 101
  • Event Planning
  • ASBC, Funding Requests
  • Teambuilders
  • Memberships and Meetings
  • Student Organization Collaboration
  • Goal Setting

Blue Buzz

The Blue Buzz is a weekly newsletter of campus events compiled by the Involvement Consultants and the Torero Program Board (TPB) to keep the USD community updated about exciting events and initiatives taking place on campus. The Blue Buzz highlights events put on by student organizations, departments, and staff to encourage community engagement and awareness of campus events. 

If you would like your organization's event to be included on the Blue Buzz, please:

  • Submit an Event Registration Request (EvR). Remember: you need to do this for all events!
  • Fill out a MyPostings Request. Make sure to select Torero Life when asked to select a Department Website! This will put your event on the Torero Life events calendar.
  • Email the Involvement Consultants at usdinvolvement@gmail.com requesting to be included on the Blue Buzz. Make sure to include all important event information, like the Event Name, Event Date/Time, Event Location, and Sponsoring Organization.