Alcalá Bazaar Day 2

Day 2: Thursday, February 11th

We are excited to present the following involvement opportunities for you during Day 2 of the Alcalá Bazaar in the following: 


  • Changemaker
  • Multicultural
  • Special Interest
  • Spiritual

Below you will find all of the organizations that will be present on this day. Each category is organized alphabetically, placing organizations into Groups of 10 to 20

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Are you looking to get some general questions or technical concerns? Our Involvement Consultant team will be hosting a zoom room to answer your questions!

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  • Changemaker Group 1 (A-M)
  • Changemaker Group 2 (P-T)


  • Multicultural Group 1 (A-D)
  • Multicultural Group 2 (F-M)
  • Multicultural Group 3 (N-W)

Special Interest

  • Special Interest Group 1 (A-C)
  • Special Interest Group 2 (C-P)
  • Special Interest Group 3 (P-U)


  • Spiritual (ALL)