Employee Development Committee

Program Model

Division of Student Affairs
Employee Development Model
September, 2011

Program Overview

“The progress of the student affairs profession is directly linked to the ability of staff members to accomplish student affairs’ and the institution’s mission and goals.  Current and emerging issues, especially in the realm of cultural diversity within our student populations, require staff members to be exposed to new information in order to be effective.  Shrinking financial resources and increased expectations for performance intensify the need to strengthen our commitment and resolve to implement and use staff development programs fully.  Staff members in student affairs are, after all, our most important resource.”

From Margaret J. Barr and Associates, The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration, Jossey-Bass Higher and Adult Education Series.

2011-2012 Committee

Name Department
Karen Kitchen Briggs Human Resources – Consultant
Marie Minnick Dean of Students area- Co-Chair
Nicki Schuessler Student Life area- Co-Chair
Jessica Bonin Wellness area
Sean Horrigan Dean of Students area
Sarah Molitoris Dean of Students area
Adriana Molina Wellness area
Mark Ceder Student Life area
Maureen Kane Wellness area
Erin Lovette-Colyer Student Life area
Manda Sayegh Student Life area
Carmen M. Vazquez Student Affairs, SALT Liaison

Teambuilding Subcommittee

Irene Bubnack, Jacque Morganson, Raquel Rosario, Barbara Zackowski, Liberty Hebron, Serena Boyd

Program Learning Objectives

In alignment with our new Student Affairs Strategic Plan Organizational Excellence, goal 4.01, USD Student Affairs will be a dynamic organization with structures and processes that are innovative, and clear in communication, expectations and roles.  Each member of our team will actively contribute to creating an environment where employees’ well-being is valued, and all are well informed, supported and empowered. One of our objectives is to develop strategic and purposeful professional development plans at the division and area levels to promote best practices, student- centered and outcome oriented approaches, and leadership/managerial skills. The focus of the standing committee going forward will be on the following:

Creating professional development opportunities for the division in concert with area and employee development plans, interest, and needs on an annual basis (three meetings per year) –Knowledge transfer and sharing opportunities that will allow us to identify subject matter experts on our team.  Present relevant and timely topics related to trends, issues and organizational goals.

Team building and celebration of outstanding employee accomplishments and exemplar efforts.

Career development activities such as externships and cross training interest.

Evolution of Program Model

In 2005, the Vice President for Student Affairs established the Student Affairs Employee Development Committee as a standing Committee.  The committee was charged to foster the development and enhancement of the professional lives of the USD Student Affairs employees.  These goals were achieved by providing development programs in the areas of skill training, knowledge-based learning, health-based issues, and team building efforts.  The charge specifically asked the committee to focus on unifying the newly reorganized Student Affairs Division by;

  • creating professional development and community development opportunities for staff;
  • identifying and addressing trends and common interests to staff;
  • facilitating the process of staff member’s sharing of information and resources;
  • providing information and programming:
  • recognizing the accomplishments and efforts of Student Affairs staff members.

Under the joint leadership of Greg Zackowski and Kathe Myrick, these goals were successfully realized during the last six years.  We thank both of them for their dedication and outstanding service in realizing these goals.