Administrators & Staff for Racial Justice Team

About the ASRJ Program

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Administrators and Staff for Racial Justice (ASRJ) group is to better prepare and empower USD staff to dismantle systems of racism and oppression. ASRJ acknowledges the standing, historical legacy of racialized trauma in America and, therefore, seeks to establish an approach centered around Healing Centered Engagement (HCE), prioritizing healing at both the individual and collective level. With the guiding vision of racial justice, staff will commit to further educate themselves about the roles of power, privilege, internalized dominance, and oppression in our lives. With a focus on race and racism, we will reflect on these impacts both at work here at the University of San Diego and outside in other communities.

As a result, staff will be better prepared to join in collective liberation and to take up needed change and action in individual roles and spaces, work with students on matters of race, and identify ways to engage others on campus in conversations on racial justice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deepen understanding of the historical impact of racialized trauma and settler-colonialism
  • Envision possibilities and exchange ideas for institutional transformation
  • Develop a more integrative culture of safety, care and support at USD
  • Experience an environment of healing and transformational justice

Responding to Racial Injustice

In the wake of 2020 and the ensuing movements to address racial injustice in America, ASRJ acknowledges the disproportionate effect that systems of oppression and racism have on Black persons directly. As such, the directive of this program will center, first and foremost, around addressing the harm and impact of anti-black racism. Furthermore, ASRJ acknowledges that not all voices are equitably represented in the hiring practices of the University, and therefore, racialized groups to include the Tribal Nation are unable to participate in the pilot of this program as a subsequent result. The inability to participate is a call to action for the University of San Diego to implement more direct and equitable measures toward the hiring of indiegenous persons immediately.

Join an ASRJ Cohort!

Upcoming ASRJ Pilot Cohort Timeline: April 8, 2021 - July 8, 2021

Pilot participants will gather virtually for synchronous “live” Zoom sessions on Thursdays between 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Pacific. Between gatherings participants will receive asynchronous content and exercises to complete individually (approximately 1 hour of time required).

Live sessions will change between race-alike groups and intergroup dialogues. The schedule below is intended to give interested participants an understanding of the program’s structure. The format and themes are subject to change as needed.

ASRJ Timeline with Dates



ASRJ Introduction & Joining Event

April 8th  | Zoom | Full Cohort

Group Formation: Building trust and bringing our stories

April 15th | Zoom | Race-alike spaces

History of the construction of race and the role of anti-Blackness in racial socialization 

April 20th | Asynchronous learning/reflection

Internalized oppression/dominance

April 29th | Zoom | Race-alike spaces

Cultural somatics

May 4th | Asynchronous learning/reflection

Our embodied experiences on campus

May 13th | Zoom | Race-alike spaces

Decolonizing history by Ethan Banegas

May 18th | Asynchronous learning/reflection

Envisioning possibilities for institutional transformation

May 27th | Zoom | Intergroup dialogue

Is Christianity a political movement? by Ethan Banegas

June 1st | Asynchronous learning/reflection

Solidarity and support across difference

June 10th | Zoom | Race-alike to intergroup dialogue

Accountability in justice work

June 15th| Asynchronous learning/reflection

Trust & repair

June 24th | Zoom | Intergroup dialogue

Abolitionist Praxis

June 29th| Asynchronous learning/reflection

Moving the work forward/community action

July 8th  | Zoom | Full Cohort

What’s next

July 13th | Asynchronous learning/reflection

Benefits of joining an ASRJ Cohort

  1. Learn about Racial Justice from any starting point
  2. Build community with other professional staff members during COVID
  3. Engage in dialogue with race-alike people to explore challenges and personal growth opportunities.
  4. Explore ways to enhancing the USD, identity-based student experience
  5. Gain the satisfaction of participating in an intellectual, emotional, and empowering professional development experience
  6. See our Frequently Asked Questions.

2021 ASRJ Cohort Interest Form

ASRJ Cohort Eligibility

  • Full time employees (Administrators or Staff): any contract length is acceptable, however participants should not plan to miss more than two scheduled, synchronous sessions.
  • We highly recommend that interested administrators and staff discuss with their direct supervisor about joining an ASRJ Cohort, as this experience requires a significant time commitment during each academic semester.

Our program will be virtually accessible throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional information regarding Administrators & Staff for Racial Justice, please contact Dr. Sean Horrigan, Director of University Centers and Staff Development, at

Meet the 2021 ASRJ Team

  • Ashley C. Barton, Ed.D
  • Austin Galy, M.A. (he/him)
  • IC Ulep
  • John Loggins (he/him)
  • Juan Carlos Rivas, PhD
  • Khalia Ii
  • Mariann Sanchez
  • Novien Yarber (He/Él)
  • Persephone Lewis
  • Pilar Malim
  • Rachelle Ann Martinez, M.A.
  • Rhonda Harley
  • Sean Horrigan, PhD
  • Stacey Williams