Student Affairs Equipment Inventory

Student Affairs conducted an equipment inventory in the summer of 2016 of all equipment in the division $50 and over in value. This equipment inventory was uploaded into TMA and is now maintained by staff as designated by their Assistant Vice President. Designated staff is assigned a user ID and password by the USD IT department and emailed a link to the TMA production site. On an ongoing basis this staff will add newly purchased equipment ($50 and up in value), dispose of equipment, move equipment locations and maintain the annual inventory in TMA.

Addition of equipment:

When authorized staff purchase new equipment they are to complete the Equipment Inventory Acquisition Form. This form is to be submitted to the department’s TMA user for data entry. Once the equipment information has been input into TMA an equipment label is printed and returned to the staff purchasing the equipment to place on the piece of equipment. It is important to adhere the label to the equipment so that it can be identified in the annual inventory process. Your department may decide you TMA user for data entry is also the person to tag the items (this is a per department decision). If the items is the sort that a label won’t adhere to it (Like a large cooking pot used in the kitchen) you may put the label into a binder which should be with the TMA data entry person for your department.

Equipment label printers:

Equipment label printers are located in two locations…year round in Mission Crossroads in the Resident Facilities Office (See Mike Dils) or during June at the UC Operations Office.

Moving of equipment:

When equipment is loaded into TMA it is assigned a department, location, building, floor and sub location. If a piece of equipment is moved to another physical location or transferred to another department the equipment needs to be updated in TMA. To do this fill out an Equipment Acquisition form fill out the following fields in the “Record Equipment” section at the bottom of the form: Tag# and Equipment location move from.  

Disposing of equipment:

Equipment that needs to be disposed of needs to be tracked and disposed of in TMA as well. To do this completely fill out the Equipment Disposal Form. Remove the physical tag placed on the equipment at purchased and adhere it to this Equipment Disposal Form in the designated spot (Place physical tag removed here). This form then needs to be submitted to department’s TMA user for data entry.

Annual Inventory:

On the Monday proceeding students moving off campus in May of each year each department will print their TMA inventory reports and conduct a physical inventory of all equipment. It is imperative that all equipment is entered when purchased and disposed of in TMA when physically disposed of. If this has not been done during the year it will become a part of the annual inventory process and prolong the time needed to complete the inventory. Once your area is complete, please email Merrill Marker at (the Student Affairs Facilities office) where we are tracking the project each year.

Questions?  Feel free to contact Merrill Marker at 619-260-4629  or