Employee Recognition and Awards

Employee of the Year

Award Description

The Thomas F. Burke Employee of the Year Award is awarded to Student Affairs employees who exemplify the traits and values instilled upon the Division of Student Affairs during Tom Burke's 28 years of leadership: character, sense of humor, common sense, honesty, "others" centered, respectful, focused on employee and student development, competent, consistently supportive of the University's Catholic tradition, helped students and employees to fulfill the potential within themselves, and the gift of love to others.

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Celebratory Events

Recipients will be announced at the Student Affairs Divisional Meeting to be held May 29.

Thomas F. Burke Employee of the Year Award Winners:

Year Winners
18-19 Cinthia Salas & Nicole Huntley
17-18 Luke LaCroix & Kathleen Custodio
16-17 Serena Gandara & Marcelino Zarate
15-16 Mayte Perez-Franco & Paul Aden
14-15 Jennifer Lee & Candace Torrey
13-14 Melissa Halter & Eugenia Casas-Silva
12-13 Margaret Leary & Alejandro Cervantes
11-12 Christopher Burden & Jacquelynn Morganson
10-11 Liberty Hebron & Nicki Schuessler
09-10 Mariann Sanchez & Stephanie Bernasconi
08-09 Sandy Bunton & Moises Baron
07-08 Emily Dally & Jason Schreiber
06-07 Maria Perry & Tonis Manriquez
05-06 Barbara Baurmann & Elaine Elliott
04-05 Kara Weller & Carolyn Greer

Student Affairs Powerful Partnership Award

Award Description

Powerful Partnerships Student Affairs is excited to announce the "Powerful Partnership" award. This award is designed to recognize departments or offices that have worked with the Student Affairs Division to enhance the integrated learning educational experience opportunities on campus.

Nomination Process

A nomination form is available online and hard copies are also available upon request. Contact the Student Affairs office in Hahn UC 232. The nomination, not to exceed one page, must be submitted by May 15, 2020 at 5 PM in order to be considered.

Celebratory Events

The recipient will be announced at the Student Affairs Divisional Meeting to be held TBA.

Student Affairs Powerful Partnership Award Winners:

Year Winner
2019 First-Generation Action Team
2018 Critical Issues Hearing Board
2017 Office of International Students and Scholars
2016 Title IX
2015 Student Financial Services
2014 Office of the General Counsel
2013 Critical Incident Response Team
2012 Living Learning Communities
2011 Student Affairs/School of Leadership and Education Students Collaborative
2010 International Center Second Year Experience Study Abroad Program
2009 Office of University Design and Facilities Management
2008 Sustainability Task Force
2007 Faculty and Curriculum Development Program
2006 College of Arts and Sciences/First Year Experience

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