CCLO Evolution & Rubrics

The University of San Diego values the holistic development of students; nurturing the mind, body, and spirit activates our Catholic identity and mission. We draw on our foundation as a Catholic liberal arts institution to articulate the learning that students engage with in all aspects of their experience at USD. As such, the Strategic Oversight Committee on Student Success charged a group of faculty, staff, and students from divisions across the institution to articulate learning outcomes that complement the Undergraduate Learning Goals and Outcomes (University of San Diego, 2011) and integrate the entire student experience; coordinate existing and/or design new intentional, seamless opportunities for students to achieve those outcomes; incentivize student engagement in the outcomes; and assess the outcomes.

This document summarizes the five co-curricular learning outcome definitions developed by teams of faculty, staff, and students in fall 2014 and revised in fall 2016. Modeled after the American Association of Colleges and Schools VALUE Rubrics, the teams drafted framing language, a glossary, outcome definition, and a rubric and these documents will be used to achieve the remainder of the charge stated above. The rubrics reflect a progression from less to more complex learning and we acknowledge that learning is not always linear. Each document was drafted with wide input and then reviewed by faculty and staff involved in the process. See the full University of San Diego Co-Curricular Outcomes.