Learning Strategy: Train the Trainer


The train the trainer model is designed to help less experienced facilitators learn to deliver content and facilitate experiences. The focus of the learning is on the trainees, rather than the participants in the workshop or experience for which the facilitator is being trained. The benefit of this strategy is twofold: (1) the facilitators learn the content more deeply and skills in facilitation; and (2) the workshop or experience is more readily available to more participants (diffusion). Key elements of this strategy include:

  1. Training for the less experienced facilitator focuses on both content and facilitation skills (presentation, response to participants, leading activities, observing the experienced facilitator)
  2. The experienced facilitator observes the inexperienced facilitator and provides feedback and coaching to ensure the learning is occurring

Learning strategies this strategy can be confused with

Peer teaching, collaboration, or facilitation -- the differences include (1) peer teaching, collaboration, or facilitation involves peer to peer interaction, this is not necessarily the case for the train the trainer strategy; (2) while peer teachers, collaborators, or facilitators may be prepared for this role, the training is much less in depth than that for the train the trainer facilitators; and (3) the focus of the learning is on the inexperienced facilitator rather than the participants in the ultimate workshop or experience.

Examples at USD

  1. Rainbow Educators Training
  2. Associated Students Executive Board Training
  3. RA OLÉ! Weekend Training
  4. OA Guide Training
  5. Emerging Leaders Course
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Rev. 7/6/17

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