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  • Unit Annual Assessment Plan - Use this template to help plan out the major assessment activities for your area each academic year. The document is designed to help you align assessment efforts with broader unit goals and learning outcomes with specific programs or initiatives. Refer to Level 2 Assessment for more information.

  • Individual Program/Initiative Assessment Plan - Use this template to help design assessment for specific programs or initiatives. The document is designed to help you create an assessment timeline, select the most appropriate method of assessment, and think through the analysis and reporting phases. Refer to Level 3 Assessment for more information.

  • Activity-Based Program/Initiative Assessment Plan - This variation on the Individual Program/Initiative Assessment Plan is helpful for projects that involve several different units.

  • Program/Initiative Assessment Report - Use this template to help organize the data collected from your assessment and share key findings with relevant campus stakeholders.

USD Resources

  • Major Survey Schedule - This PDF provides a basic timeline of when major surveys are administered to students. Contact tnovara@sandiego.edu for more information about each survey.
  • The USD Assessment Resource Guide - The Resource Guide walks you through our assessment framework and each step of the assessment cycle and includes a glossary.

  • Guidelines for Designing Gender Inclusive Forms at USD - Student Affairs Assessment and Research recommends that all university forms relating to sex and gender follow these guidelines to ensure gender inclusivity.
  • Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) - IRP supports institution-wide decision making, planning, and organizational effectiveness. Their website contains interactive data about enrollment, student demographics, retention and graduation, financial aid and more. 

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) - The IRB reviews all research conducted by USD students and employees. Each academic unit at USD has an IRB Committee Representative who is available for consultation and is required to approve the IRB application. Administrators should consult with the IRB Chair, Dr. Jane Georges.

Assessment-Related Organizations

  • Assessment Commons - The Assessment Commons is an open learning space that curates content for faculty and assessment professionals through resources and tools for student learning outcomes assessment, teaching and learning, program review and accreditation.

  • Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) - An organization that is free to anyone interested in student affairs assessment. The site has an assessment blog and library of resources shared by various institutions.

  • The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) - A research and resource-development organization dedicated to documenting, advocating, and facilitating the systematic use of learning outcomes assessment to improve student learning. Refer to the "publications" section for free access to occasional papers, reports, case studies, and organization presentations. While much of the content is geared towards academic assessment, many of the concepts and topics (e.g. equality in assessment) can be applied to student affairs assessment work.

  • ACPA Commission for Assessment and Evaluation - The Commission promotes assessment skills and knowledge to facilitate and support student learning, development, and effective student affairs practice. (Note: membership to ACPA required to access materials)

  • Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) - CAS has developed 47 sets of functional area standards and 3 cross-functional frameworks for higher education programs and services. Please contact tnovara@sandiego.edu for access to the standards for your area.

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Hard Copy Resources

These resources are available to borrow at USD. Please contact tnovara@sandiego.edu for more information.