Learning Strategy: Guest Speaker


The Guest Speaker Learning Strategy highlights the need to bring specialized knowledge and/or expertise, either from an on-campus or off-campus recognized expert in the field. The Guest Speaker's identity may be relevant and contributes to the intended learning. Examples might include alumni, content experts, campus partners, skilled facilitators, etc.

Generally, Guest Speakers come from outside the community/department/area, especially when there is a clear need for the Guest Speaker's expertise, which could include lectures on a special topic or lending their expertise as a facilitator leading a workshop, or orchestrating a process.

Learning strategies this strategy can be confused with

Storytelling: Although the guest speaker may incorporate storytelling, their focus is on content within their area of expertise.

Examples at USD

  1. Guest speakers during identity months, e.g., Black History Month, Women's History Month, etc.
  2. Guest speakers for student led clubs
  3. Guest speakers for departmental training and development
  4. All Faith Service participants from major World Religious Traditions
  5. Commencement speakers
  6. Distinguished lecture series at the IPJ
  7. High public profile events, e.g., Dalai Lama's visit

Resources for using this strategy


  • Alumni Relations has an alumni guest speaker list


  • Speakers' bureaus and professional organizations

Rev. 8/11/17

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