Learning Strategy: Feedback and Recognition


Feedback is a way of providing people with information about their behavior and how those behaviors affect others. Feedback can be positive or constructive. It helps individuals keep their behavior on target, and thus they are better able to achieve their goals (Nadler & Luckner, 1997). Recognition is the acknowledgment of a job well done. It helps connect students' beliefs about the relationship between their actions and outcomes. Helping students track and evaluate their accomplishments in relation to their actions can serve to reinforce and strengthen future actions, even if subconsciously (Bandura, 1971).

Learning strategies this strategy can be confused with

Student Evaluation and Goal Setting is also a strategy for developing students and they both are utilized to help individuals to be better able to achieve their goals. Feedback can be more spontaneous and informal and is not necessarily related to a formal position in an organization.

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Resources for using this strategy

Center for Creative Leadership Situation, Behavior, Impact Model

USD FUEL Coaching Model

Student Affairs Professional Staff Resources

Examples at USD


  • Student Leadership, Involvement and Changemaking - Leadership Coaching
  • USD FUEL Coaching Model


  • Outdoor Adventure Guide Level/Guide recognition wall
    • T-shirts provided to student leaders once they reach a target guide level
  • Student Support Services
    • Summer Bridge Most Inspirational Mentor Award
    • End of the year recognition ceremony for graduating seniors
  • Residential Assistant Training, Feedback, and Recognition
  • Campus Recreation Employee of the Month
  • Women's Center - Woman of Impact Luncheon
  • United Front Multicultural Center - Diversity Banquet


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USD FUEL Coaching Model: https://www.sandiego.edu/student-affairs/documents/FUEL-Brochure.pdf

Student Affairs Professional Staff Resources: https://www.sandiego.edu/student-affairs/resources/staff-resources.php

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