Assessment Trainings and Events

Assessment can be daunting and confusing work! This section provides an overview of the support efforts being offered to any University of San Diego staff member. The goal is to provide training in a variety of formats, such as: workshops (both in person and virtual) to actively engage with assessment content, recorded how-to videos, and specialized consultations or presentations based on individual unit or area needs. Please contact if there is a specific assessment training topic that you would like to see covered.

August 2020

  • Use of Existing Data: Overview of Student Affairs Data and Institutional Research and Planning (video coming soon)
  • Introduction to Program Assessment Planning (video coming soon)
  • Assessment Overview Virtual Workshop - Friday, August 28 at 10am (register here). Participants in this workshop will be able to:
    • ...set up their Qualtrics account and navigate the platform.
    • ...navigate the Student Affairs and Institutional Research and Planning websites.
    • ...identify the existing major surveys that are administered to students.
    • ...describe the primary components of the program assessment template.

September 2020

  • Selecting the Appropriate Assessment Tool
  • Crafting a Professional Survey
  • Qualtrics: Survey Distribution Methods
  • CCLO Rubrics and Toolkit
  • Virtual Assessment Workshop (date TBD)

October 2020

  • Focus Groups 101
  • Benchmarking
  • Qualtrics: Running Reports and Formatting Data
  • Virtual Assessment Workshop (date TBD)

November 2020

  • Virtual Assessment Workshop (date TBD)

December 2020

  • Report Writing
  • Virtual Assessment Workshop (date TBD)