Assessment Committee

The Division of Student Affairs at the University of San Diego “strives to create an inclusive, educational environment which motivates and supports student learning and personal development, serves the University community, and inspires students to make a positive contribution to society.”  Assessment enhances our ability to achieve these goals and will be integrated into the work being done across the division.  This committee is charged with helping to ensure that assessment work aligns with divisional and institutional goals, supports the Student Success Model, is done in accordance with industry best practices, and is actively used to inform program, department, or division decisions.  Staff seeking assessment support are encouraged to contact members of this committee.

Structure and Membership

  • The Student Affairs Assessment Committee is composed of representatives from across the Division of Student Affairs and is chaired by the director of assessment and research.  Members are expected to serve a two-year term which can be extended.  The committee may invite individuals that are not actively serving on the committee to attend meetings as relevant topics arise to serve as consultants and/or content experts.  When vacancies occur, the active committee members will make recommendations and consult with the appropriate assistant vice president.
  • Requests from other staff members in the division wanting to join the committee will be reviewed by the active committee members.

Current Committee Members

Chart of assessment committee members and the area of student affairs that they work in.
Mark Ceder Outdoor Adventures Student Wellness
Amber Knight Student Activities and Involvement Student Life
DJ Mahoney Fraternity and Sorority Life

Student Life

Sabrina Nelson Center for Student Success

Strategic Initiatives and Programs

Tim Novara Assessment and Research Strategic Initiatives and Programs
Melissa Sheil Residential Education Strategic Initiatives and Programs
Mandy Womack Ethical Development and Restorative Practices Dean of Students


Current Initiatives

  • Create a bank of assessment tools that can be used to measure each Co-Curricular Learning Outcome (CCLO).  
  • Serve as a liaison between functional areas and the Assessment Committee, sharing assessment initiatives, results, and challenges.
  • Create a communication plan for clear and consistent sharing of information across the division.
  • Develop a program or initiative to recognize assessment best practices across the division.
  • Recommend assessment training topics that would be most beneficial to the division.
  • Review key assessment findings and share with various constituents and decision-makers (e.g. divisional leaders, program leaders, current students, parents, etc.) in the form of a SA newsletters, dashboards, reports or presentations.