STEAM Academy

STEAM Academy is a weeklong summer experience for middle and high school students. The Academy begins with a pre-Academy orientation for students and their families on Sunday, and culminates with the Youth and Community conference on the Saturday.

The daily activities include:

  • discussions around the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • designing and building complex chain reaction machines
  • exploring mathematical concepts through origami
  • team building through fitness activities
  • goal setting in preparation for transition to high school, college and career

During the week-long experience, students are challenged to consider how developing their STEAM skills can assist them in addressing some of society's most pressing issues including poverty, unequal access to education, clean water shortage, climate change and gender inequality. They build towers to examine the health of the rainforest, program robots, work in teams to solve world challenges, engage in creative and artistic explorations, and play "Equity Monopoly" to understand the complexities of historic discrimination on wealth generation. Students participants engage their creativity, enhance their approach to problem solving, and develop communication and critical thinking skills. They are constantly moving, thinking, exploring, reflecting and building new ideas and skills.

Students use their creativity to create art.
Students learn how to use computer hardware skills.
Students learn with faculty.