Ozzi Pilot Program

USD Dining is proud to offer the OZZI reusable container pilot program (2020).

The OZZI pilot program allows guests to use OZZI reusable containers at the following locations inside the Student Life Pavilion: 

  • Pavilion Dining, level 1
  • Tu Mercado, level 2

How do I use an OZZI Box? 

One reusable Ozzi box replaces on average 300+ single use (paper) to-go boxes. Help save resources by using an Ozzi box!

  •     Purchase or redeem a token for an Ozzi box at the register for a $5 deposit.
  •     Get your food in your box, then checkout.
  •     Enjoy your meal.
  •     Empty (and if possible - rinse) the box.
  •     Return box to the Ozzi machine and receive a token for the next time.

ozzi to go box machine


Alison Sanchirico
(619) 260-7530

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