Slay Your Energy Vampires this Halloween

Hey, Toreros!  This Halloween, the Office of Sustainability invites you to slay your energy vampires!

Wondering what we mean?  Vampire energy is a term used to refer to the energy that is wasted by appliances as they suck power when they’re plugged in and not in use.  Think: phone chargers, hair dryers, lamps, coffee pots, etc. All those things still draw a small amount of power when they are plugged in, even when they’re not being used.  Vampire energy costs the United States more than 19 billion dollars each year.  

What can you do?

  • Set your computer to SLEEP after 15 minutes of inactivity 
  • Shut your computer OFF at the end of the day
  • UNPLUG chargers when the device has finished charging
  • UNPLUG electronics with “standby” lights when not in use, or use a SMART POWER STRIP 
  • Turn OFF lights when not in use 

Have a happy and sustainable Halloween!


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