Project TeamUP Stipend Recipient Melina Caan

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Hola a todos (hello everyone), I am Melina Caan, Mexican-American originally from Los Angeles and a current third year graduate student in the dual-school counseling program. As a second-year student, my fieldwork was well spent at Abraxas High School, an alternative setting in the Poway Unified School District. There, I provided mental health services to students from vulnerable backgrounds, including bilingual Spanish speakers and their monolingual Spanish speaking parents. Although my experience at Abraxas was equally challenging and rewarding, my time there, paired with a full grad school schedule while preparing for my capstone presentation, meant little time for myself and even less time to work. This is why I am so grateful to have been an HRSA stipend recipient as it allowed me to focus on successfully completing a very demanding year. Not only has HRSA provided me with a stipend, but also two very important opportunities to further my professionalism. First, the opportunity to attend the Collaborative Family Health Association’s (CFHA) Conference in the Fall to learn about best practices in integrated health. Second, the Spanish Language Training offered by Project TeamUP and Dr. Lebensohn-Chialvo. Through my program’s social justice lens along with my fieldwork experiences and Spanish training, I feel incredibly well equipped to provide quality services to those who need it the most, including mi gente (my people). I look forward to continuing to work toward breaking down the barriers in access to mental health services in marginalized and linguistically diverse communities.


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