Student Spotlight, Josie Alvarez, MA '18 School Counseling

Josie Alvarez

Meet Josie Alvarez, a recent graduate of SOLES!   

Josie will be working as a school counselor at Nativity Prep Academy, located in San Diego.
Q: What would you say was the best part of being a student at SOLES? 
A: The best part about being a student at SOLES and what I appreciate the most are the faculty. Specifically, Dr. Wendell Callahan, Dr. Ana Estrada, and Dr. Erika Cameron. My experience in their classes and the courses they taught have made a tremendous impact on me as a professional school counselor and in my personal growth.
Q: What was something unique or unexpected that you learned while you were a student here? 
A: The most unique experiences took place during my multicultural class in Ecuador with Dr. Callahan and Dr. Estrada. In addition, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the learning process throughout my two years in the SOLES program. I would highly recommend the USD SOLES program to any student who is interested in the field of counseling!


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