Just One Word May Help Relieve Some of the Pandemic Stress You Feel

Just One Word May Help Relieve Some of the Pandemic Stress You Feel

Fear, uncertainty, and anxiety; these words are not new to us, but they have become more prominent in many of our lives since the COVID-19 pandemic began seven months ago.


The World Health Organization says it is normal to feel stress, fear, confusion, and anger in a crisis. Add to that a presidential election; the American Psychological Association says 68% of all adults report an increase in their stress level due to the election; a 16% increase over the 2016 presidential election.

There are numerous ways to help you handle feelings of intensified stress during a crisis. Our own Jill E. Bormann, PhD, RN, says in many instances, all it may take to help you is a single word.

“This stress response then creates this kind of low-grade pervasive anxiety,” Dr. Bormann said.  “I like the term infobesity. We have information overload. And that's where Mantram comes in; merely repeating whatever word you choose and by refocusing attention, it gives you an automatic pause; it wipes out all of that chatter.”

For the past 20 years, Dr. Bormann has been researching the effects of Mantram repetition on people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and a variety of medical issues. 

If you would like to learn more about Mantram, how to choose a word or phrase, and when to use your Mantram, click here.

To download Dr. Bormann’s handouts, click here

begin quoteUse your mantram. That's a good time to tell yourself, "I'm practicing attention on calming down and I'm staying in the moment."
Dr. Jill Bormann

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