Torero Nursing Spotlight: Joshua Wymer

Torero Nursing Spotlight: Joshua Wymer

What made you want to become a nurse?

Nursing is a professional that is fundamentally about caring. Nurses are witnesses to the entire continuum of life, and they often find themselves in the role of advocate for the most vulnerable among us. The opportunity to blend science and the power of humanity continues to draw me to nursing.

What made you decide to come to USD?

I chose to attend USD due to the university’s outstanding reputation and recognized culture of excellence. USD also has a strong presence and legacy in Navy Nursing, so it was a natural fit when considering USD alongside other premier graduate programs.

What is your fondest memory thus far during your time at USD?

The faculty, staff, and fellow students are a large part of what makes USD so very special. My fondest memories from my time at USD will always be the friendships that I have established with so many here. I have been privileged to develop many strong friendships and professional relationships that will continue for decades to come. 

Have you had a favorite class or professor?

I have enjoyed the entire curriculum, and I would hesitate to call out any one class or professor. There is a strong sense of community among the graduate students and faculty, and I have appreciated the many professors who have been willing to engage beyond the curriculum while providing incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. I am forever grateful for their willingness to invest in the next generation of nursing leaders.

What is your dream job?

Nurses want to make a difference, and I would like to make an impact with my career. I feel like I have already realized many of my goals, but my current pursuits focus on further development as a health care leader. Nurses bring so much to the table, and I want to have an impact at the strategic level in my future roles. Whether that be with the Navy or future opportunities, there are countless ways that nurses will continue to shape our profession and the health care of tomorrow.

What advice would you offer to undergraduate students considering an advanced degree in nursing?

Be passionate about your pursuits! You will know when it is time to further your development both personally and professionally through graduate work. Nursing is an incredible field that reaches into every part of our society. Find an area of interest and pursue the path that opens before you. I would never have seen myself where I am today, but there is nowhere else I would rather be.

What would you like everyone in the community to know about the Hahn School of Nursing and Heath Science?

The Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science is a great place to learn. The students find the coursework demanding, but the faculty is among the most caring professionals I have ever encountered. USD and the School of Nursing have a relentless commitment to excellence and engagement, and those priorities will continue to serve as a positive message in the community.

What is your favorite thing about your nursing education here at the Hahn School thus far and why?

Again, it comes back to relationships. The professional and personal relationships I have been privileged to build with the faculty, staff, and fellow students will continue long into the future, and I look forward to remaining engaged and supportive of my peers as we move on to whatever the future holds.


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