Torero Nursing Spotlight: Jeff Ransom

Torero Nursing Spotlight: Jeff Ransom

What made you want to become a nurse?

As a former Navy Hospital Corpsman assigned to the Marines, becoming a nurse was both a natural progression, and a personal passion for me. Caring for military members in both peace and wartime environments instilled a sense of service and duty to care for those who willingly place their lives in jeopardy for their country every day. I owe it to these men and women to prepare myself to provide care for them at the highest levels possible.

What made you decide to come to USD?

USD was my first choice of schools for my PhD. The history and quality of doctoral nursing preparation here is excellent. Also, USD has an unmatched legacy and tradition of supporting military nursing. As an active duty Army Nurse Practitioner, USD is the perfect fit.

What is your fondest memory thus far during your time at USD?

Walking on to the beautiful campus for the first time, and being welcomed by the administrative leadership, faculty, and fellow students within the School of Nursing is probably my fondest memory. Since that first day, I have always felt like I’m part of a family, not just another student.

Have you had a favorite class or professor?

The curriculum is designed brilliantly to build upon knowledge in a way that moves the student towards completion in a natural, stepwise manner. Picking one course only would be tough. Likewise, all the professors are incredible teachers, mentors, and partners in this unique educational journey. They are all equally special and important for what they give as individuals, and as part of a team.

What is your dream job?

As an Army Family Nurse Practitioner and future nursing researcher, my dream job would be combining the two disciplines in a way that I can continue to care for military members and their families, and conduct meaningful research that makes an impact on their lives.

What advice would you offer to undergraduate students considering an advanced degree in nursing?

Go for it! As someone who went from being a Corpsman, to LVN, to ADN, to BSN, to MSN, to DNP, and now pursuing a PhD, the opportunities that present themselves with each new achievement are incredible. Also, don’t forget to take a pause to celebrate, enjoy, and ponder each accomplishment before setting out on the next journey. Taking a little time to settle in your new role, position, or title can better prepare you to take that next step thoughtfully, and purposefully. 

What would you like everyone in the community to know about the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science?

I truly feel that San Diego is extremely fortunate to have a program like USD’s Hahn School of Nursing in the community. The level of expertise, experience, professionalism and genuine care and pride for the community is exhibited throughout the school. Many staff and faculty divide their time by working and volunteering in the community. Also, the school includes many opportunities for students to interact and support positive community efforts. It is part of their culture and DNA. Regardless of where you’re from, and where you go after your time here, San Diego will always be a big part of who you are.

What is your favorite thing about your nursing education here at the Hahn School thus far and why?

My favorite thing about nursing education at USD is the endless opportunities to interact, share, and learn from both faculty and fellow students alike. The high quality of professors and students selected for the program create a perfect environment for gaining exposure and knowledge of countless topics and areas of interest. Also, we are all invested in each other. I truly feel that every member of the program genuinely wants to see everyone succeed, and celebrates these successes. Like I said before, this is a family!


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