Congratulations Dr. Michel Boudrias: Drinan Award for Distinguished Service

Dr. Michel Boudrias in the field

Michel Boudrias, was awarded the "Drinan Award for Distinguished Service" this year.  

The Drinan Award for Distinguished Service recognizes service achievements and activities in the following ways: 1) a demanding intellectual presence in support of the daily and long-term functionality most especially of the College, but also of the University; 2) an impact on the College beyond the teaching and scholarly experience; and 3) contributions to the growth of colleagues, both faculty and staff, as effective members of the College and University Community.  Dr. Boudrias has demonstrated his commitment and leadership to the Department, College, University and local and international communities through ongoing distinctive service. Always a leader, his profile of impactful service has increased over the years. His diverse record of leadership and service at multiple levels clearly demonstrates “breadth and depth of service over a sustained period of time” and a deep commitment to the mission of the University of San Diego. His significant contributions have made lasting impacts on his students, colleagues, the community and the standing of USD. Over his career at USD, not only has he served on a variety of committees (Academic Affairs and Planning Committee, Study Abroad and International Center Council, Integrated Learning and First-Year Experience, Core Revision and Chair Compensation Committees) but his work in three areas has been particularly transformative: Study Abroad and Internationalization, Sustainability, and Envision 2024. His engagement has made him well known across the university as a strong, candid and honest voice who has been instrumental in promoting positive change. His dedication and impactful service are changing the lives of students and colleagues, shaping the mission of USD, and bringing recognition to USD. It’s hard for us to imagine what our department or USD would be without Michel's consistent leadership.  


Soroya Rowley
(619) 260-4795