Psychology Alumni Mary Kuckertz Accepted Into Graduate School

Psychology Alumni Mary Kuckertz Accepted Into Graduate School

This August Mary Kuckertz '18 (BA) will begin her studies for a clinical psychology PhD at Arizona State University. Under the mentorship of Dr. Nancy Gonzales, Mary will study how to improve mental health services for underserved latino youth and parents. 
USD encouraged Mary to dream big and develop foundational research skills. Professors repeatedly encouraged her to attend office hours where they assured Mary a clinical psychology Ph.D. was achievable. They offered ample opportunities for her and other students to express their ideas during classes, and met with her individually outside their typical work hours to support her professional and intellectual growth. Mary's courses in the psychological sciences department taught her to write like a scientist, present research findings in presentation and poster format, and ask unique scientific questions. The department also connected Mary with off-campus research opportunities and even funded her to present various research findings at a regional conference. Post graduation, one of the research opportunities turned into a full-time job as a research assistant at the University of California, San Diego where Mary further built upon her research skills prior to applying to graduate school. The department is thrilled for Mary to take this next step at ASU. 
Mary Kuckertz

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