USD Remote Experience with Satyan Devadoss, PhD

USD Remote Experience with Satyan Devadoss, PhD

As USD adjusts to this temporary way of living and, by default, moves to remote classes, College faculty members are starting to share their experiences about how they're making the best of an unusual situation. 

Satyan Devadoss, PhD, Fletcher Jones Chair and professor of mathematics, shares his experience with remote teaching in this YouTube video. Even though his remote classes are going well, he admits, "I miss everything about being on campus in a classroom at USD," adding, "it's the little things that make us human. I miss the sound of the classroom, I miss the feel of chalk on the chalkboard. I miss it all...that's what makes USD a special place." 

Devadoss has a daughter who is currently in college. He explains that this "helps me understand what my own students at USD are going through. I can get a glimpse into their lives."

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