Behavioral Neuroscience Students Host Outreach Workshop at Library

Behavioral Neuroscience Students Host Outreach Workshop at Library

Callen Hyland, PhD and behavioral neuroscience students hosted a hands-on workshop at the La Jolla Library this past month. Sophomore, Catherine Tan, put together the hands-on activity for the workshop and gave the presentation. Senior, Vee Rodriquez, and La Jolla Highschool student, Lauren Nitahara, assisted with the workshop.

A group of children ages 8-14 attended the Hydra-Mania workshop to perform hands-on experiments with Hydra. Hydra is a freshwater relative of jellyfish famous for its regenerative abilities. Children were able to look at hydra under a microscope to investigate it's biology. They also perform experiments and learned about its role in the natural environment. The workshop introduced cutting-edge biomedical research aimed at understanding how Hydra regenerates its nervous system.

begin quoteVery interesting to learn about an organism that is found locally. Get the young ones interested in science!
Hydra Workshop

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