Meet our Experts: Assistant Professor in Economics, Alison Sanchez

Wednesday, August 7, 2019TOPICS: ResearchSpotlights

Educators are driven by the altruistic cause of making a positive impact on someone's life, and this is especially true of Assistant Professor of Economics Alison Sanchez. It may sound cliché, but getting to be a part of her students' lives is Professor Sanchez's favorite part about working at USD. Altruism also drives Professor Sanchez's research. Her studies show that humans are inherently selfish, but that most of us have an altruistic spark -- a spark she's curious to learn how to foster. Even in business, there's a human side to everything and Professor Sanchez hopes to teach her students to succeed in business while being "kinder to humanity." 

Behind her research are mounds of data compiled using Excel, Python, Tableau, and other programs. Students in our Master's in Business Analytics will meet Professor Sanchez in their first class as she introduces the hard skills in statistical and data analysis, while incorporating the human side to data and decision-making. 


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