Summer Scheduling Protocols

During the summer, USD hosts an academic summer session as well as a variety of conferences and camps.  All these functions are important to USD, and all need to have spaces that can be scheduled to accommodate their activities.  Classes, camps, and conferences may be held concurrently, but they tend to follow different schedules and often require different room configurations.  Problems may arise when these activities try to share space in the same buildings:

  • When classes and conferences meet in adjacent rooms, instructors complain about the noise made by conference participants, and conference organizers legitimately maintain that they are paying the university to use the rooms for their activities.
  • When classes and conferences share the same room on different days, Facilities Management staff must repeatedly move furniture in and out of the room.  This is an expense for the university and causes unnecessary wear and tear on the furniture.
  • Conference organizers often request space from USD long before summer classes are scheduled, so Summer Conference Services must wait until classes are scheduled before they can confirm room assignments. 

The Space Committee has worked with the Provost’s Office, the academic deans, the Director of Summer Conference Services, and the Associate Registrar of Summer and Intersession to negotiate the following building assignments to minimize disruption between class and conference schedules: 

Summer Session Classes Summer Camps and Conferences
Building Assignments:
Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice * Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice *
Alcalá Park West buildings Camino Hall
Guadalupe Hall Jenny Craig Pavilion
Hahn School of Nursing Loma Hall
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Maher Hall
Olin Hall Sacred Heart Hall
Pardee Legal Research Center Saints Hall (except 1st floor)
Shiley Center for Science and Technology Student Life Pavilion
Warren Hall University Center
Professional and Continuing Education:
Alcalá Park West buildings
Saints Hall, 1st floor
Specific Room Assignments:
Black Box Theatre (Camino Hall) Shiley Theatre (Camino Hall)
Studio Theatre (Sacred Heart Hall)
* Summer classes have priority, but any KIPJ rooms not needed for classes can be scheduled for conferences

Exceptions to these protocols are permitted for special use classrooms, such as studios and computer spaces. Special circumstances, such as summer renovations, may require discussions between the Director of Summer Conference Services, the Associate Registrar of Summer and Intersession, and academic deans whose rooms are affected.