Submitting Requests

Written requests by administrative unit heads for new space and for changes in use of space shall be submitted to the Space Committee. Requests shall be made through your division's space committee representative to ensure congruence with administrative objectives. For any requests, please fill out the Space Committee Request Form. Request Forms may be sent via e-mail or campus mail to your division's representative and will be acknowledged upon receipt. Questions regarding the procedures outlined below should be directed to the co-chairs.

Space requests can occur at the following times:

  • During the budget process: The Personnel Request Worksheet requires identifying whether office space is available for the requested position. If space is not available, a request shall be submitted to the committee.
  • After the budget process: Space requests for post-budgetary changes or those not having a budget impact should be made at least three months before the space is needed.
  • Prior to renovating: If a proposed renovation implies a change in the use of space, Facilities Management will forward the request to the committee for approval prior to developing renovation plans.
  • During the grant application process: If a grant proposal requires additional space or implies a change in the use of space, the Office of Sponsored Programs will forward the application to the committee for review.
  • When vacating space: When a program or department moves, the space vacated is released unless a request to retain space is approved by the committee.

A request must explain why the space is required, when the space is needed, and whether the requested allocation is intended to be temporary or permanent. Institutional Research and Planning can provide assistance with space audits.

The Space Committee will consider all requests within the context of the University's "Principles for Space Allocation." The co-chairs will communicate the committee's decisions and recommendations to the requestor(s) in writing.