Allocating Space

These principles are guidelines for space allocation at the University of San Diego. They will be followed to the extent reasonable in allocating space, recognizing that particular circumstances may require solutions that do not conform to these principles.

  • Space is a limited university resource and is not owned by divisions, departments, or current occupants.
  • Space will be allocated according to university priorities.
  • Academic programs and departments should be given priority in space allocation.
  • Programs and departments serving students and faculty should be located for the convenience of their constituents.
  • In general, centers and institutes should be located on the periphery of campus, particularly those requiring parking for people coming from off campus.
  • New personnel should not be hired until space is identified to accommodate them.
  • Programs and departments should be assigned to contiguous space appropriate for the intended use.
  • Buildings and their public areas will remain open to all students, faculty, and staff during normal operating hours.
  • Space identified by donor contributions will be maintained in accordance with the donor's intent.