Usage Guidelines

One of the Space Committee's charges is "to develop principles, policies, and procedures for allocating and reallocating space." To date, the committee has not written any formal policies for space allocation. The usage guidelines presented here have been developed in consultation with different groups to address specific issues.

  • Allocating Space is a list of principles developed by the committee to guide their recommendations.
  • Submitting Requests outlines procedures to follow when requesting an allocation of space or a change in the way space is used.
  • Summer Scheduling is a memorandum issued by the Provost to minimize potential conflict between conferences and academic classes during summer session.
  • Numbering Rooms is a strategy developed by the Room Numbering Subcommittee to number rooms in a building or section of a building.
  • Classroom Scheduling is a memorandum issued by the Provost to establish a deadline for priority classroom scheduling each semester.

Please contact a member of the Space Committee with any questions about these usage guidelines.