The Space Committee creates ad-hoc task forces to undertake short-term projects and standing subcommittees to address issues that are recurring or going. Subcommittees may include people from the campus community who are not members of the Space Committee but who can provide needed expertise.

Campus Map Subcommittee

Charge: To develop and maintain accurate and consistent maps of the USD campus. The subcommittee meets as necessary to:

  • review the online and pdf versions of the campus map for accuracy and consistency
  • revise and update the maps to resolve discrepancies and incorporate changes
  • develop new campus maps as requested
Members Department
Marcy Alyn Marketing and Creative Design
Wajma Shams Lyons University Scheduling
Mary Whelan University Design
Chris Wray Information Techonology Services 


Room Numbering Subcommittee

Charge: To develop, maintain, and apply a standard for numbering rooms in new buildings and in areas where extensive remodeling occurs. The subcommittee meets as necessary to:

  • revise or update the standard
  • resolve room numbering issues associated with remodeling that alters room structure
  • review room numbers planned for new buildings to ensure that standards are met
  • resolve discrepancies between floor plans and signage for existing rooms
Members Department
 (Open) Planning Design & Construction
Tina Mabe Telecommunications
Mary Whelan University Design