Campus Space

Many offices on the USD campus are responsible for managing different aspects of the university's space.

Departments within Facilities Management operate, maintain, and support the development of quality facilities, grounds, and services. University Design is responsible for maintaining visual standards of architecture and interior design.

President Lyons established the Space Committee in February of 2004 to develop more efficient processes for determining the use and allocation of USD's building facilities. The committee reviews both current and proposed space usage with the goal of negotiating allocations that are optimal for the university as a whole.

The usage guidelines published on this site are not policies or mandates, but guides for decision-making. To date, the committee has not proposed or established any formal policies for allocating space.

Requests for allocation of space or changes in current space usage should be submitted through a vice president or dean to the Space Committee. "Procedures for Requesting Space" explain how to request changes in space configuration and/or use. Please e-mail requests to the co-chairs.